Thursday, September 15, 2005


What a pain in the posterior! I've just spent all day trying to fix errors in my template - agh!
I can be such a muppet - trying so hard to be a perfectionist that I got bogged down in code and lost a whole day - no painting, no research, no chilling even, just hours and hours drifting by as I tried to fix my template cock ups!

Still all sorted now and I hardly even thought about resorting to nicotine for faux comfort - yeah! I know it doesn't look all that different but it suits me better and hey, I spent all day on it, so deal! Kiddin - hope you had a good one x

PS Check new link listing The Humanity Critic - it's funny, witty & has a special charm that warmed my dispirited cockles this morning.

.......and so on and so on


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