Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Wood Smoked Lunch

Hmmmmm, I must be more careful when shopping. I picked up a couple cans of salmon last week which I'd thought were standard wild, "dolphin-friendly" salmon. Having just opened a can, I realised this salmon is not at all "wild" so feel annoyed that I've bought farmed salmon which is probably laced with all sorts of chemicals and bad stuff that just isn't fish; isn't what it says on the can.

But the worst thing is this: Reading the can, I see I've inadvertently purchased "Wood Smoked Flavour Salmon". Wood Smoked FLAVOUR??? What's up with that! Not only does it taste grim, but it's not even real wood-smoked. Either really wood smoke the salmon, or don't. Why does Sealord have to add a flavour that isn't really there? And how did they do it? I imagine a machine blowing essence of wood smoke gases into my salmon, already brim full of flavour additives and preservative enhancing chemicals - UGH!

Still, not in the habit of "throwing away good food" I stir in some mashed avocado & cream cheese and it all tastes better - phew! Only organic or wild salmon for me in future, and NO added flavours.

Later: Tasted okay with the avocado but my mouth now feels like I've smoked 10 fat mexican roll-ups - nice!

.......and so on and so on


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