Monday, November 07, 2005


Hmmm, haven't posted much lately and what I have has been a bit miserable, oh dear!
Things are looking much better now tho, thank goodness! Have been real busy with moving stuff, heaps of art work and booking trips to explore more of these beautiful islands, but have managed to have lots of laughs along the way - yup, a few tears too, but that's okay :)

Christmas will be strange this year, being so far away from friends and family and because of the weather. It'll be hot - weird! We've decided to take the holiday opportunity to head down to Queenstown area on Christmas day and do a 4 day trek, starting Boxing day on the Kepler Track. This is going to be hard work, especially for me who tried to run round the block the other day and had to stop every 2 minutes to catch my breath! Still, it will be a challenge and gives me major excercise motivation over next 6 weeks as if I'm unfit, the whole trek will suck big time! No pressure then ;)

waikato collage
Collage pic of recent trip to Port Waikato.

.......and so on and so on