Thursday, May 31, 2007

What kind of bank charges £20 for going less than £30 overdrawn for 2 days whilst waiting for an incoming payment (from a known payer) to clear?

What kind of bank charges an additional £30 because a regular standing order had to be paid before the aforementioned incoming money had cleared.

So my account with this bank, who, by the way, I've banked with for over 20 years, is £50 down for the sake of less than £30 for 2 days!!!!! - ARGH!!! I suffered the same kind of disrespect around a year ago under similar circumstances and wrote to Abbey asking for a refund of the charges. They agreed to refund, but 'only as a goodwill gesture'! What about my goodwill gesture of staying with an increasingly unfriendly, inconvenient, unethical bank for so long?!!!

Why do banks operate like this - surely they make enough money out of us through the interest charged? Surely my 'loyalty' illustrated by having banked with them through good and bad times since I was a teenager should mean something?

I understand the bank issuing penalties for going over overdraft limits but £50 for 2 days?! Why not have a scale of loyalty whereby the longer one has been with a bank, the less charges one incurs for irregular activity? Or just have reasonable charges worked out by working days overdrawn?

Sigh! Abbey sucks! I can't wait to be able to CLOSE MY ACCOUNT and NEVER bank with them again! Thoroughly UNRECOMMENDED!

Seems I'm not the only one that thinks Abbey's charges are unfair - This is Money and Consumer Action Group

.......and so on and so on


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