Friday, July 06, 2007

ArTea Party One Success!

The debut ArTea Party went swimmingly! Thank you so much to all those who were able to join us despite the atrocious weather blowing round Ponsonby on the day! Your support, generous raffle ticket purchases, art interest and sales were very much appreciated!

In the 2.5 hours ArTea Party ran, we sold several pieces of art work, almost 100 raffle tickets, heaps of Fairtrade cakes, muffins & cookies as well as Fairtrade tea & coffee through our kind hosts The Crib bar.

Together we raised $194.80 for Oxfam which will go towards their work to alleviate global poverty. Here are some examples of how the donation may be used:

$80 could enable Oxfam to provide safe drinking water for 50 people / $150 could enable Oxfam to help four women in Indonesia start their own business / $500 could enable Oxfam to provide technical and business training for coffee farmers in Timor-Leste / $1000 could enable Oxfam to construct living quarters for 2 teachers at a rural school in the Solomon Islands

Thanks once again to all our generous sponsors and supporters

If you have any comments or feedback please email me here

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